Twisted 2s #95 Lake City Quiet Pills & Tinley Park UFO


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Check out our Patreon at Buy awesome original shirts made by Scary Mysteries Subscribe for Weekly Videos here: _________________________________________________________ Twisted Two’s: Lake City Quiet Pills and Tinley Park UFO A tale of hauntings, killings and scary mysteries, The Twisted Two's takes two unique stories intertwined with bloodshed, murder, mystery and the supernatural. For this week, the story focuses on a man named Milo and the Lake City Quiet Pills and the unusual Tinsley Park UFO sightings. These are your Twisted Two's. Lake City Quiet Pills It started with a simple post on Reddit. It was 2009 and a grieving friend created a Reddit account to announce the passing of “Milo”, also a fellow Redditor, that went by the username, “ReligionOfPeace.” The lamenter, known by the username 2-6, lamented how Milo was 79 years old and how he was a “mean old fucker.” The poster went on to say he was cremating his friend’s remains and scattering the ashes in an area in PA close to where he was born – a barn where he used to live in. He adds notes on what he did to the rest of his friend’s belongings and closing with how he’ll miss his friend. Tinley Park UFO It was August 21, 2004, the residents of Tinley Park, Illinois thought it was going to be just another regular evening. But as the night went on, they would witness an unusual sight many would be unable to explain. Considered as one of the most well-documented UFO reports in history, the Tinley Park Lights stem from sightings by hundreds of people on that quiet night of August. Three red lights suddenly showed up above the town and hovered there, silently and menacingly for close to 20-30 minutes. Townsfolks photographed the lights. Some gathered in droves, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bizarre phenomenon.

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