Jordan Graham (Sator)


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Jordan Graham discusses how he handled the writing, directing, editing, composing, cinematography, set design and more on 2021's most buzzed about and acclaimed horror film, Sator, on the latest episode of KNOTFEST's Screen Crusades with Ryan J Downey. 0:00 - Doing more with less 5:45 - Early filmmaker influences 12:45 - The critical reception to Sator 15:30 - The music of Sator 22:07 - Blurring fact and fiction with found footage 27:50 - The influences behind Sator’s atmosphere 33:35 - What comes next for Graham 44:10 - Creating film universes and Quentin Tarantino Sator Trailer - On the surface, the film is a simple story of a young man named Adam on the desperate and obsessive hunt for a mysterious being called Sator, who has been a constant and menacing presence in the lives of his family for generations. Through the interview, Graham talks about the real inspirations behind the film. June Peterson, who plays Adam’s grandmother, is Graham’s actual grandmother. She claims to have been hearing the voice of Sator in her head for her entire life, and views the entity as more of a guardian than a demon. Downey and Graham also discuss the way the film creates an unsettling and trance-like atmosphere using its creeping pace and experimental sound design - all on a tightly restricted budget. Sator is now available on-demand. Screen Crusades theme written and recorded by Matt Osenton.​

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