298: Los Angeles Rams - Know Your Rival 2020


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The month of July is traditionally the month where we look around the division at the other NFC West rivals to get an idea of how the landscape has changed since the previous season. That tradition continues for our show this year, but instead of bringing on other podcasters this season, we're going to be putting in the work and doing the research ourselves. Kicking off the month of July is the Los Angeles Rams. They have a new logo, they have new uniforms and they have a new stadium. Those three things help add up to a 10-6 season according to some of our favorite Rams fans.

With a significant loss of talent in the offseason, it's tough to see where the Rams find a way to improve off last season. The offensive line hasn't improve and that will prove to be the single biggest factor in the Rams decline. We take a look at an article of the top six offseason moves for the Rams, and that alone should provide the kind of clues that it's going to be an uphill battle for coach Sean McVay.

In the second half of the show we talk about the record breaking Patrick Mahomes contract, Cam Newton signing with the Patriots, and another former Seahawks cornerback going to San Francisco. Truck manufacturers are called out along with NFC West writers who voted for one former Rams player to make the all-decade team for the division. Better at life honors go to a mutual friend and to the crew of Hard Knocks for continuing to move forward in shining a light on what the Rams will be dealing with leading up to the scheduled 2020 NFL season.

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