305: It's Raining Sexy Deep Balls in Seattle


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The final play of the game will define the latest matchup between the Seahawks and Patriots, as Seattle earned the 35-30 victory. However, listening to national programs, you'd think Cam Newton had the breakout performance of his professional career. Cam may deserve a mention, but Russell Wilson should get the credit as the best quarterback in the game with his five touchdown passes to five different receivers. The balance of the offense shifted back closer to what we've come to expect from Coach Pete Carroll, but we're continuing to see some new things, too.

Wilson didn't shy away from the challenge of going up against the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year either. Because they went right at Stephon Gilmore, this game will be remembered as the one where we knew D.K. Metcalf is on his way to stardom.

Looking ahead to the Dallas Cowboys matchup, the Seahawks are going to need to stop Ezekiel Elliot both on the ground and through their screen game. Can the line stop Zeke the same way they held up Newton on Sunday night? If they can't, then it will be on Russ to continue to put up points. He should be able to do it after seeing the Cowboys defensive line underachieve in back-to-back weeks.

In the second half of the show, we look around the NFC West from this past week. We also congratulate The Biggest Little Flocker on the Week 2 Pick'em victory. NFL defenses throughout the league need to do better, and so does a Patriots receiver who is trying to erase a nickname that he clearly earned and there is definitive documentary evidence for the reason why. Finally, the Seahawks offensive coordinator and Mr. Unlimited himself both land Better at Life honors this week.

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