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Virtuosic and versatile opera singer Alize Francheska collaborated with us remotely for this episode! We had a great chat about her musical upbringing, influences, and the highlights of her career. We also created a beautiful and eclectic set of pieces together. Instead of improvising, we devised a round robin game and created our tracks one layer at a time.

Huge thanks to Alize and all the work she put into this!

Visit Alize's Website here

Like her Facebook Page here

Check out the Alter Ego Chamber Opera here

This episode includes:

0:00 S&DMM Theme (Alize on Vocals, Sean on flute, and Dave on Electronics and Percussion)

08:13 For Riches and Rank I do not Long by Gilbert & Sullivan (Alize Vocal example)

21:02 Round Robin Track 1 (Sean on Ukulele, Alize on Vocals, Dave on Bass)

34:29 Round Robin Track 2 (Alize on Vocals, Dave on Piano, Sean on Flute)

35:57 Aye Said The Fly (Dave on Udu and Shaker, Alize on Vocals, Sean on Flute)

44:44 Round Robin Track 4 (Dave on Bass, Sean on Ukulele, Alize on Vocals)

53:41 I'd Rather Go Outside (Alize on Vocals, Sean on Vocals and Flute, Dave on Keys)

56:12 S&DMM Theme (Alize on Vocals, Sean on flute, and Dave on Electronics and Percussion)

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