A Housing-Resistant God


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From the womb of wild nature, Pastor Jonathan reflects on King David, new to kingship and in love with his royal residence. God too should have a divine place to dwell, David thinks! But God reminds David that the Divine has always dwelt with the people, roamed in the wilderness and been present in and through all things. Pastor Jonathan reminds us that our indigenous relatives have always understood this and that like King David, we have some un-learning to do about our desire to domesticate God. (Sermon begins at 18:45. You'll hear rain and weather in the background but hopefully that adds ambience!)
Permission to podcast the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-726929. All rights reserved.

  • Come Walk With Us, Text: South African traditional, trans. Gerhard Cartford © Luthern World Foundation. Music: South African traditional, arr. Anders Nyberg © 1984 Utryck; Walton Music Corp.

Other Resources

  • O Healing River. Text: anonymous. Music: North American traditional.
  • Where Does God Live? by Holly Bea
  • "The Healing is Going On", by Michael Bade. Used by permission of the artist.

Image: Pastor Jonathan on his excursion to Cle Elum Lake Watershed north of Roslyn WA

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