38: Why I Failed #75Hard This Year


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For 75 days straight (no exceptions) you must complete 5 daily tasks:

  1. Workout twice per day for 45 minutes. (One indoor and one outdoor workout)
  2. Drink 1 gallon of water
  3. Read 10 pages
  4. Take a daily progress pic
  5. Follow a diet of your choice (no alcohol or cheat meals)

It's easier to talk about our success because it makes us look good. It raises our status and it makes us think that we are playing this life game correctly.

This year didn't go as expected, and in this episode, I talk about exactly WHY I failed, and how I could have done better.

It's true that you can be your own harshest critic. That's certainly my case. But what do you do when you set up high expectations and you break them?

68 days were not wasted for me. It's all part of my journey and I'm happy to be sharing it with all of you.

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