32: Waking Up to an Earthquake 🌎 and How to Deal with Times of Fear & Anxiety 🤯🤬


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This has been one of the craziest, most puzzling periods of time in my life. And I’m guessing it’s been the same for you as well. This morning, during my morning yoga, I was shook (😏) by an earthquake. On top of everything that’s going on right now, the odds of this happening seemed even more surreal. So how do we deal with moments like these? Where the media and pretty much anywhere you look is talking about one thing and one thing only. I will give you five tips for you to keep your head above water and get past these difficult times that we’re all living in. 2020 has been an action-packed year. But don’t give up yet, let’s prepare and get ready for more. 👊🏻

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