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In this live podcast episode we talk about what makes a healthy body, a healthy mind and the future of technology enabled healthcare.

We’ve previously talked to both of today’s guests - Michael Acton-Smith, founder of Mind Candy, Firebox and in Series One of Secret Leaders and Ali Parsa, founder and CEO of Babylon Health in Series Two.

But to have both of these guys (who are revolutionising healthcare), sit down together and go through pertinent health issues of the day was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Yes, Michael Acton Smith OBE, once described as the ‘tech version of Willy Wonka,’ may not seem an obvious choice to talk all things healthcare with, but this esteemed guest has focused his recent attention on raising awareness and building businesses in the mental health space, an arena that we are still very much lacking information. And Ali Parsa, well Ali is a one man war on healthcare. He’s a refugee who has set up the world’s largest healthcare app successfully changing the way we as humans are getting access to healthcare.

Get ready to be blown away by the ambition of these two superhumans, and all for the benefit of the human race.

We chat about:

  • What healthy means to each of them
  • Why we don’t have a healthcare system as such, we have a sick-care system
  • How technology and AI is and will enable a better healthcare system
  • Everything affects your life, and nothing affects your life - your genetics are what they are
  • The obesity epidemic
  • The current mental health crisis
  • Conquering aging - we die because we age


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