From Air Force to Northrop Grumman: Keeping Integrity at the Core


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ClearanceJobs recently sat down with Kenneth “Kenny” Robinson, who is vice president of the Engineering and Sciences, Maritime/Land Systems & Sensor (M/LSS) and Field Engineering for Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems Sector. He leads an organization of engineers, managers, directors and contract labor personnel. Robinson joined Northrop Grumman in 2007 following a distinguished career with the U. S. Air Force. Prior to his departure from the Air Force, he spent ten years at the Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC), Los Angeles Air Force Base where he held various leadership positions in MILSATCOM, Space Superiority and culminating as the Commander, Global Positioning System Control Segment Group. Robinson shared with us a bit of an overview of Northrop Grumman from his point of view of where he is today and how the company has changed over the years that he has been there.

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