Military Influencer Shares Story of Stolen Identity By a Nigerian Romance Scammer


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Five military men and women with large social media followings that had their identities stolen and used by Nigerian romance scammers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are always encouraging our military members and the cleared workforce to operate with caution in the digital age, so we sat down with one of those military influencers to hear her story and discuss tips on preventing this from happening more and more often. Megan, also known as Camie on social media, is active duty guard in Georgia. She tells us a little bit about her military experience and having a side hustle while supporting our nation. Now, secret squirrels are pretty good about operating online and in social situations. But the most interesting thing about Megan's story is that it started with someone she personally knew pulling her pictures from social media and pretended to be her. From there, the scammers started to pull her content as well. Catfishing: A Growing Epidemic During COVID-19 from

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