After Hours with Jeremy Kinter and Josh Stuyvesant


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This week's podcast is a little different. Pyragraph Publisher and Editor Peri Pakroo was deep in No Rooz mode, getting ready for Persian New Year—which is today, March 20 at 4:45pm MT. (Happy new year everyone!) So Peri turned hosting duties over to Contributing Editors Jeremy Kinter and Josh Stuyvesant who did a late-night, after-hours special edition. Starting at 1:19am, full of gin and Tractor beer, Josh and Jeremy talked about things they always talk about and called it Self-Employed Happy Hour.

As creative partners, co-owners of an Albuquerque-centric arts cooperative, and up-and-coming writers, Josh and Jeremy's topics of conversation cover: when we're allowed to call ourselves writers, wearing many hats, commiserating over the writer's hooching habits, and the sometimes symbiotic, sometimes predatory relationship one has with his/her audience.

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