SELFish Podcast - Episode 13 - "Sound of Mind" with Ty the Sound Guy


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If you're ready for a crazy trip, check out this episode. An intimate look into the life of an incredible individual. Ty was at the top of his game - working an amazing sound engineering job with many of his musical idols. After a sex scandal (not his, but a colleague's) he found himself scrambling for a new role and wound up embedded deep in the heart of a powerful, secretive, and many would say cult-like organization.
This real-life story of audio turned auditing engineer turned audio engineer will leave you speechless. From studio to stage to SClENT0L0GY and back again. This may sound like a Dan Brown novel, but this is actually my guest today's real life story.
Ty and I met more than a decade ago in Southern California, and it was great to reconnect.
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