Are You Finding Opportunities or Whining About What is Happening Around You?


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Finding opportunities is key if you want to run a successful business, especially during a pandemic. That’s why episode 503 of the Sell or Die Podcast is all about two important questions: are YOU finding opportunities or whining about what is happening around you? And how can you find opportunities in the new normal and adapt your selling techniques to your customers’ new needs?

Some key points we discuss include:

  • Why now is the prime time to seek opportunities and dare greatly (and why having this mindset is key to success)
  • The importance of finding out what your customers need NOW and effective sales strategies that will help you succeed in the new sales environment
  • Why you need to show gratitude and realness to close sales (and how Jeffrey’s The New Normal Course can help you adapt to the new normal like a pro)

Now more than ever, people are craving human interaction. So your job is to show up with emotion and realness. And if you don't know who your customers are prior to walking in the door and giving that sales pitch, you're gonna lose to someone who does. Just like you’re going to lose to someone who is conversational and prepared, if you don’t make those traits your own quickly enough. And for even more guidance on doing just that, don’t forget to tune in to episode 503 of the Sell or Die Podcast to learn even more about all the points outlined above.

See you next week for another episode of Sell or Die!

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