Are You Ready to Recover?


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Show Notes

01:07 What specifically is going on in your world today?

03:59 Are you ready to recover?

07:34 Five (5) elements that you can control

08:37 Embedding videos on your email, done easily

Check this out:

09:41 Predicting the future with Daniel Burrus in tomorrow’s podcast

11:28 Attitude Gems: List of things you shouldn’t have in order to have that attitude

16:56 “Figure out and document what you are certain of”

18:10 How prepared are you to recover?

20:19 Focusing on YOU!

21:48 Live event on Friday and Saturday

Getting to know The Guest Speakers

27:34 Gift Giving: Things that create value

28:15 Access the online event now!

30:05 Thank you for being with us today!



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