Does Work Life Balance Even Exist?


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One of the most common questions we get is, “How do you find work life balance?” Well, the truth can’t. And in episode 505 of the Sell or Die Podcast, we talk all about the myth that is work life balance and the mindset you should have instead of chasing “balance.”

Some key points we discuss include:

  • Why work life balance really doesn’t exist, and the mindset you SHOULD have about finding “balance.”
  • Tips for sharing responsibilities as parents during quarantine.
  • How to take back control over your productivity by allocating your time instead of managing it!

As much as you might want to find a work life balance, it’s much more valuable to take control of how you are spending your time each day. While most days will not be “balanced” (because that’s pretty impossible to achieve), you can still make them feel long as you have a winning mindset and a realistic daily schedule. So to hear even more of our tips on doing just that, don’t forget to tune in to episode 505 of the Sell or Die Podcast.

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