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Who can you call at 2 o'clock in the morning?

For Jeffrey, it's Harvey Mackay, the single most influential person on his writing style and career.

Listen to this very special conversation between Jeffrey and Harvey as they discuss the value of mentorship, coaching, and education.



Topics: Importance of Coaching; Humanizing the selling strategy; How Creativity impacts success

00:50 Jeffrey’s intro about his career inspiration

02:00 Harvey Mackay’s impact on Jeffrey Gitomer’s life

05:10 Highlight on Mackay’s works, books and accomplishments

08:00 Importance of coaching in perfecting your craft

12:00 Humanizing your selling strategy with ‘Mackay 66’

15:10 Harnessing the power of networking

19:00 Keeping that close connection with your network

21:05 Paying homage to Jeffrey’s success coach

23:00 Enriching your 2AM contacts by keeping them close

24:40 Infomercial:

26:15 The number one reason why most people became successful29:00 Mackay’s coaching program captured in a book

32:10 Chronicling Harvey Mackay’s Coaching Academy

36:05 How creativity impacts your personal success

40:18 Creative ability to transfer wisdom

41: 15 End of podcast



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