End the War Between Sales and Marketing with Mike Carroll


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Mike Carroll is the Head of Growth at Nutshell ("a CRM that just works") and a vocal proponent of improving the collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.

Don't miss how our (and soon to be your) favorite sales gal Mary first connected Nutshell and the Gitomer team with a... "unique" video, the importance of personalization in your messaging, as well as how to successfully reach (and impress) a company's decision-maker.



01:25 Understanding Customer Relationship Management

02:00 Guest intro: Mike Caroll, founder of Nutshell software

09:00 How can sales work better with marketing

10:00 Measuring sales and marketing performance

13:20 Establishing a support system for sales and marketing collaboration

17:15 Benefits of using CRM software for sales and marketing people

19:30 The functions of the Nutshell CRM Software

22:00 Usability of CRM softwares

26:45 Getting personal as a way to get to clients

28:30 Selling outcomes

30:40 Actual client relationship vs CRM

35:50 Selling Strategies by Mike Caroll

40:00 Using emotional connection in sales and marketing

41:25 Plug in: Boundless 2020: Online virtual program for salespeople


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