4 Things You Need to do Right Now that Have Nothing to Do with Toilet Paper


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Join us for a very special message to help you through this tough time.

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00:15 A perspective on the hygiene supplies shortage in the entire country

02:20 Unfair business practices and hoarding in this current pandemic

02:30 Four things you need to do to help alleviate the stress on this pandemic attack07:00 Thoughts on the social impact of Corona virus to many industries

09:10 Developing positive habits while overcoming this period of pandemic

13:05 Doing things with the right intention

15:00 Adapting to sales implication through service innovation

21:15 Taking advantage with the good of social networking

22:40 Choosing to look at the bright side of things

23:25 Prelude to an episode about fostering resilience

23:52 Don't forget to wash your hands! Pass the sanitizer!



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