How much are you investing in YOUR business relationships?


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How much are you investing in YOUR business relationships? Is it enough? What is enough?

Join us and you will learn the least expensive way to build loyal and profitable relationships.

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Topics: Customer Relationship Investment, Value-added customer connection

01:30 Investing in your business relationships

02:40 Investing time with customers

04:00 Finding out the scale of thoughtfulness in customer relationship

07:50 Importance of creating deep emotional connection with customers

08:35 How good are you in providing business relationships?

12:05 Manifesting customer connections through time and effort

14:00 Developing more personal connection with your customers

16:28 Finding a way to establish customer connection

17:35 Putting emotional impact in building customer relationship

20:50 Being intentional with investing in customer connection

23:00 Challenge for the day: Building sales relationships

24:15 Creating value over price through meaningful customer relationships



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