Pivoting in Business to Transition with the Times


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Your business will not survive and will not flourish if you don’t know how to become adaptive and learn to transition with the times. That’s why episode 508 of the Sell or Die Podcast is all about tips and tricks on how YOU can pivot your business so it can adapt even through the most difficult time.

Some key points we discuss include:

  • The importance of perspective in terms of opportunities and questions to ask yourself to evaluate whether your business is adapting during this pandemic.
  • What can salespeople do to make sales during this transition? And how transitioning means focusing less on sales and focusing more on RELATIONSHIPS.
  • How you can use personal relationships to set your business up for success even with the pandemic.

The current situation can become overwhelming even for the greatest entrepreneurs out there. So the challenge for you today is to fast-track your maximum optimum services and rethink entirely how you show up for your customers. And for even more guidance on doing just that, don’t forget to tune in to episode 508 of the Sell or Die Podcast to learn even more about all the points outlined above.

See you next week for another episode of Sell or Die!

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