STOP trying to find the pain and START winning more sales with this sales process that will actually work


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You asked for it, we delivered! Listen to find out our proven sales process that actually works!

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Topics: Value attraction; Modern Approach to sales process

00:43 We’re so excited you’ve joined us for an exciting episode today!

02:00 Differentiating sales system versus sales process

04:00 Jeffrey’s challenge to salespeople

06:15 Keeping the sales process real and comfortable

07:05 Conventional methods of salesmaking

08:20 Sales process in modern times

11:12 Closing versus earning the sale

14:40 How to revamp sales presentation

20:05 Redefining the Law of Attraction in sales

23:20 Manifesting value of attraction to your sales prospects

26:30 Linking value attraction to social attraction

29:30 Establishing emotional connection in sales

30:40 Discovering your client’s motive to confirm urgency to buy

33:15 Earning customer loyalty to get their referral

35:00 Jeffrey’s closing: Stop finding pain but the pleasure even if your ass falls off!

35:05 End of podcast



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