The Power of Human Connection with Kody Bateman


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Kody Bateman is the founder of the modern-day relationship marketing movement, and Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SendOutCards, the premier relationship marketing service in the world today.

For many years, Kody has taught that there is an art to creating bonds, trust and assurance. Relationships create an emotional one-on-one connection and a memorable experience. And that is where the real-life riches are made, internally and externally.


Show Notes

02:00 Let’s get to it! It’s time to sell or die!

03:05 Origins of Sendout cards and Founding of Relationship Marketing Movement

05:15 Creating relationship in Marketing

06:05 Backstory of Bateman’s book title

08:50 What Relationship Marketing is exactly

12:00 Five Secrets to relationship marketing success

13:00 Creating personal brand by Knowing who you are

15:20 Two kinds of Promptings by Bateman

18:00 5-minute rule of being upset

19:50 Setting a happiness bar within yourself

21:20 The three-legged stool of marketing

25:30 Strengthening customer relationships

27:00 Sending something tangible while selling

29:45 Inner promptings as good relationship marketing tool

33:05 Sending out the perfect card with the perfect message

35:48 Challenge to take a leap of faith this 2020

37:35 Jefferey’s closing: Do what you feel is best for you - even if your ass falls off!



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