What You Can Control in a Time of Uncertainty


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What You Can Control in a Time of Uncertainty

Are you feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty or like your whole life is out of your control? You’re not alone, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic...which is why episode 499 of the Sell or Die Podcast is all reminding YOU what you can control during times of uncertainty.

In this episode we talk about what YOU can control and be certain of, even during this pandemic. Some key points we discuss include:

  • Taking control of your mindset & becoming adaptable to the changing times.
  • Focusing on setting yourself up for success now, to have a leg up on competitors in the future.
  • Adapting yourself and your business to the new “normal.”

I know that this pandemic has been a big time of uncertainty for all of us, and you may be struggling with not feeling in control. But now is the time to lace up your boots a little bit tighter and get ready to not hit the road, but to hit the video screen, Facebook, Zoom, whatever, and establish a new normal where instead of making one call a day while flying to Dallas, you can make 20 calls online in video before noontime.

See you next week for another episode of Sell or Die!

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