When to Quit with Michael Pedone


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Knowing when to quit is a key component of success. It can also be the difference between life and death.

Join us for a very special conversation with Founder, CEO, and head instructor of salesbuzz.com (as well as Sell or Die Hall of Famer) Michael Pedone.


00:45 This is an episode like no other!

01:20 Guest intro: the number one downloaded guest of the show

01:50 An episode more impactful than and useful for salesmaking

03:00 A perspective of When to quit life

06:50 Choosing to lose in order to win

09:00 The Last second turnaround life decision of Pedone

13:00 An account of Pedone’s challenging life events

18:05 Handling a difficult family and challenging past

19:45 What to do with your own cards?

21:28 Infomercial: Invitation to follow Sell or Die on instagram

25:20 Injecting natural humor in sales

28:00 Dealing with management manipulation

33:20 How to deal with change

36:00 Getting a head start again after quitting a job

39:50 Knowing when is the best time to quit

43:10 On being a winner, not a whiner

45:30 Taking charge of your own success

47:25 Failure as a temporary stumbling block to success

49:40 Jeffrey and Jen’s takeaway from the episode

51:25 End of podcast



Connect with Michael: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelpedone/

Learn from Michael: https://www.salesbuzz.com/

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