Who Inspires You and Coaches You Through Life?


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I want you to think back to your childhood and coaching moments you lived through. Ask yourself, how have they impacted your life today and shaped who you became? It’s not always the person you are paying with the title of coach - it could be a casual conversation or an event that took place that marks in your head forever. In episode 507 of the Sell or Die Podcast, we’re going to give you some insight you’ve never had before regarding who helps you along your path to success.

Some key points we discuss include:

  • From personal examples, there were people in our lives without the coach title, but were still massive influencers on our thinking, questioning, and confidence.
  • A good coach is not giving you the answers, the good coach is asking you the right questions so you can figure it out for yourself.
  • Look at who is influencing you, realize that may be a coach providing good influence or bad influence.

If you have the right influence, not just a coach, this could be a mentor, friend, or parent. Any of these sources of influence can make you think differently and take different actions.

So to hear even more of our tips on how you can gain more insight on who inspires you and coaches you through life, don’t forget to tune in to episode 507 of the Sell or Die Podcast.

See you next week for another episode of Sell or Die!

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