(TFP.S1E27) The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange, Or: Genuine Fruit Nomnoms


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Hahaha what do you mean, listener, OF COURSE this was all recorded in the same session, why would the world DISSOLVING AROUND US impact our ability to maintain a recording schedule? Nick was simply inside an old pineapple can for the first half, as is the way of his people!

Anyway THERE'S BEEN A MURDER at the Abbey Grange, but ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS, even though it SEEMS THERE WAS A MURDER Okay it's--it's PARTIALLY as it seems??? SOME things are as they seem, including the Sinister Silver Swan, our Fantasy Dad Rosters and everyone's favorite good-time club bop, an extended discussion about moral and ethical philosophy! ALSO hear about a real-life steampunk Ocean’s 11 jailbreak heist that very nearly happened!

Free e-text of this week's story: https://sherlock-holm.es/stories/pdf/a4/1-sided/abbe.pdf

Free audio of this week's story: https://librivox.org/the-return-of-sherlock-holmes-by-sir-arthur-conan-doyle-2/

PODS & ENDS: Omnibus Episode 79: The Saint Helena Submarine Plot

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