SYSK Choice: Great Advice on How to Succeed from a Self-Made Billionaire


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How do you cure a cough? Well, there is one idea that has been floating around that some people swear works – even though it appears to be impossible. This episode begins with this weird cure.

Being an entrepreneur appeals to a lot of people – more today than ever before. More and more people today are taking the entrepreneurial route rather than working 9-5. While it sounds exciting, it is risky. So how do you find success when so many fail with their ideas? Jay Samit has some very insightful and encouraging advice you should hear. Jay is a billionaire entrepreneur and author of the book Disrupt You! ( When you are done listening you will be inspired!

When you get stressed out because people cut you off on the highway or take too long in line at the airport – there is a way to relieve yourself of getting all stressed out about it. And it doesn’t take more than a simple shift in how you think.

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