341: Counterintuitive User Experiences


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This week, we talk about counterintuitive user experiences that designers regularly design for in our day to day work. Let us know what we missed! As always, we catch up on feedback, tweets, and share our cool things of the week: a blog post explaining how to polish an interface, and a YouTube series about first-time reactions.

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  • Samuel Bernhardt shared some more Figma file organization tips – thank you!


  • Thijs Bremeesch thinks our podcast is GOLD. We like gooooold.
  • Elvin says we're contributing to ongoing sanity – glad we can help a tiny bit!
  • Ben Dunn is a new fan from New Zealand - welcome to the pod!
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  • Apple accidentally leaked AirTags, hopefully coming soon!

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Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Cleaning up form UI, a blog post by @nikitonsky which describes step by step how to polish an interface using grids, spacing, typographic hierarchy, and color.
  • Marshall shared Holden Hardman's YouTube series, My Friend Watches. In this series of video, Holden introduces a friend to new movies and captures the reactions for the internet to enjoy.

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