342: Critiquing Our Early Work


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This week, we dig into the dregs of our portfolios to critique some of earliest design work. We try to look for indicators of taste and fundamentals, but ultimately have a good laugh about our early mocks. We'd love to see your early work too, so share it with us on Twitter this week!

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  • Michael Knepprath wants to see our files. Unfortunately we can't share our real-world files, but we'll try to think of something we could do...
  • Eric Chen is back in the past listening to episode 264. Luckily a designer is never late, they arrive exactly when they intend to.

Sharing our shame:

  • Last week Brian tweeted his earliest web design work, found in the dregs of pixel hell. We learn that Brian had no taste, eyes, or sense of spacing in his early years. Ouch.
  • Marshall digs into his portfolio on Dribbble, almost 10 years old now! And we don't hate everything here, it's clear that there was taste and an eye for the fundamentals.
  • Brian's Dribbble started 5 years after the screenshots in the tweet, so they are marginally better.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Dave, a show created by Lil Dicky. Think: Curb Your Enthusiasm meets a 20-something rapper.
  • Marshall shared Hue Lighststrips, which when combined with motion detectors, can provide a great night-time user experience. And in general, they look awesome.

Design Details on the Web:

Otherwise, bye!

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