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Justin Amash has left the Republican Party, and I have it on good authority that he will be running for the LP Presidential nomination. What's in the News with stories on kid punished for an airsoft gun, Hawaii supposedly decrims cannabis, Sheriffs standing up for gun rights, Department of Defense child porn, SEAL not punished for murder, and IRS is after cryptocurrency. Finally, And Yet Another Bad Cop with stories on cop gets retirement pay for murder, cop rapes 14-year-old, cop planting drugs multiple times, SWAT pays $750,000 for a raid over an unpaid gas bill, and a former cop gets out of jail early after murder rap.

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Justin Amash—the only Republican who has said publicly that he wants President Trump to face impeachment—celebrated the Fourth of July in style after announcing that he's quit the GOP.


In government indoctrination centers news, a Maryland eighth-grader was suspended for three weeks and did not get to graduate with his class in June.

In cannabis news, the state of Hawaii decriminalized cannabis. Bill HB1383, decriminalizes possession of a personal amount of cannabis and provides retroactive expungement for individuals with similar past possession offenses.

In gun control news, Washington state has raised its minimum age for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle to 21, along with other new rules governing gun ownership. The age restriction went into effect in January, with the other changes taking effect July 1. But some in state law enforcement have vowed not to enforce the measure, arguing that it violates the Second Amendment.

In rules for rulers news, Congress is weighing up a bipartisan bill to crack down on the sharing of child porn on Defense Department computers after a watchdog group found the Pentagon’s network ranked among the top US ISPs for sharing the vile content.

In more rules for our rulers news, a jury found decorated Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher not guilty of premeditated murder of an injured and captured ISIS fighter he was accused of stabbing. He was, however, found guilty of taking a selfie with the corpse.

In cryptocurrency news, the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is allegedly considering requiring tech giants to report on crypto activity by users, according to a presentation reportedly from an IRS presentation and provided by a Twitter user.


I haven't done this segment in a while because most weeks there are only one or two stories of bad cops. However, this week, we have several, and I didn't want you to miss any of these stories.

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