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Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are in prison. Get all of the details here. What's in the News with stories on harm reduction, military recruitment, animal cruelty, incarceration crimes, potty problems, and bad boys. Finally, an Ask Me Anything segment where I answer your questions on psychological experiments, working for theft, Scandinavian socialism, and more.

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Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are in prison for the despicable crime of shedding light on the government's misdeeds. So, the government doubles down and kidnaps them, which is even more government misdeed.


In harm reduction news, the founder of Silk Road 2 was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months in prison for his role in running the online drug marketplace.

In wars and rumors of wars news, it seems fewer Americans want to serve in the military.

In fishy news, a North Carolina man was charged with animal cruelty and abandonment after leaving his pet... fish in filthy conditions.

In incarceration news, a federal court this week sided with an inmate who sued the Texas prison system to get a cotton blanket after repeatedly telling officials he was allergic to the standard-issue bedding, which he alleged is made of "recycled waste" that caused him to have open sores.

In potty news, a pregnant mother was cited by police after her 3-year-old urinated in a parking lot on his way to the bathroom.

In bad boys news, the family of Aiyana Jones, the 7-year-old girl who was shot by a Detroit police officer in a botched raid in 2010, has settled a civil suit with attorneys from the city of Detroit for $8.25 million.


I answer your questions on psychological experiments, working for theft, Scandinavian socialism, and more.

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