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John McAfee is on the run again... from authorities and for president. What's in the News with stories on buying guns with buy-back money, voluntary conservationism, judicial mobile phone protection, Bill Weld, universal home visits for newborns, and secession. And Yet Another Bad Cop on a bit of justice while protecting the thin blue line. WHAT’S RUSTLING MY JIMMIES John McAfee, who sought the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination in 2016, is on the run from authorities... again. This time, he says a grand jury in Tennessee has charged him with felonies due to his not paying taxes to the Internal Revenue Service for 8 years, nor has he filed any returns. McAfee is now fleeing the United States on a boat and is adamant that he will conduct his presidential campaign in exile. WHAT'S IN THE NEWS In not all heroes wear capes news, a Missouri man sold his firearms made out of scrap metal and garbage to a gun buy-back program… and then used the money to buy a real gun. In voluntaryism news, the creator of the online video game Fortnite, Tim Sweeney has made good on his promise to protect undeveloped and bio-diverse land in the picturesque western Carolina mountains for future generations. In even a broken watch news, a California judge has ruled that American cops can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face or finger. The ruling goes further to protect people’s private lives from government searches than any before and is being hailed as a potential landmark decision. In OG Libertarian news, former Gov. William F. Weld is heading to New Hampshire soon and don’t count him out of the 2020 mix — either as a Libertarian or a Republican. In cradle to grave news, if Oregon Governor Kate Brown has her way, the Beaver State will become the first to require universal home visits for newborn children in the care of their own parents. In secession news, there is a very real chance that New York State may split from New York City. AND YET ANOTHER BAD COP As happens every once in a while, there is a ton of news in a single week showing a bevy of bad cops. This week, though, there is a case that was a big surprise to me, as it shows a cop actually getting his just deserts for murdering a man. That's pretty rare and great to see. However, three other got away scot-free for defending the thin blue line.

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