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We discuss ten of the twenty reasons not to vote. What's in the News with stories on smoking age increased, Snowden book profits stolen, cop charged with murder, cop shot himself, cop busted in a vice sting, schools stamping out vaping, and a doctor trying to save people money. Finally, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on Strike the Root Farm logo, Star Wars, snitches, fisheries and water rights, was Rosa Parks wrong.

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One question I get asked a lot in relation to this show is why I don't vote. I have answered it in many ways at various times over the last couple of years of this show, and I took a deep dive into voting on the Essential Libertarianism podcast as well.

But, a great article came across my monitors recently from the website "The Art of Not Being Governed." The article is titled "20 Reasons Not to Vote" and I agree with most of these reasons, so I wanted to share this with you. I will, of course, add my commentary, because you know I can't keep my mouth shut.


In nanny state news, the US House passed their budget bill that included raising the age to buy cigarettes and vaping products to 21.

In legal theft news, a judge says that Edward Snowden must give the government the money made from his book, Permanent Record, because he didn't get approval from the government to write the book.

In bad boys news, a Texas grand jury on Friday indicted a former Fort Worth police officer for murder after he fatally shot a woman who had been babysitting her nephew at home in a case that drew public outcry for police accountability.

In more bad boys news, a Davie, Florida officer has shot himself accidentally while attempting to shoot a dog that was charging towards him.

In even more bad boys news, a Seattle police captain is accused of sexual exploitation after he was arrested in an undercover operation by his own department.

In government indoctrination centers news, Texas schools are using "vape-detecting technology" to arrest and imprison teens who vape.

In more nanny state news, a North Carolina doctor suing the state to overturn a law preventing him from providing affordable MRI scans to patients recently won a small victory in court. In late November, a Wake County Superior Court judge ruled that Dr. Gajendra Singh’s challenge of North Carolina’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws could proceed.


I answer your questions on Strike the Root Farm logo, Star Wars, snitches, fisheries and water rights, was Rosa Parks wrong.

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