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The government is coming for your encryption. I say come and take it! They can't stop us all. What's in the News with stories on New Hampshire trying to stop asset forfeiture, beer banned in 15 states, cop arrested for rape and assault, cop arresting people for no crime, VA staff stealing millions, and Second Amendment sanctuary in Virginia. Also, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on free cities, defensive voting, omelets, Star Wars characters, and LP Presidential nominations.

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To hell with freedom of speech, your rulers are telling you. They are saying it so vociferously that they are still coming after one way that you can 100% ensure your freedom of speech. They are still after your encryption, and it is heating up.


In New Hampshire, it's like this too news, a bill prefiled in the New Hampshire House would close a loophole allowing state and local police to circumvent more stringent state asset forfeiture laws by passing cases off to the feds.

In nanny state news, Sam Adams released a new beer this past Halloween called Utopias, but it was banned in 15 states due to the drink's high level of alcohol.

In bad boys news, Baltimore County Police have arrested and charged one of their own officers with multiple counts of rape and assault.

In more bad boys news, one Phoenix, Arizona police officer, a certified expert in detecting impaired driving, has arrested nine people for DUI who were under the legal limit or had no detectable alcohol or drugs in their systems.

In government healthcare news, at least 15 Department of Veterans Affairs employees and vendors in Florida were engaged in an "elaborate" fraud scheme that cost the government "millions" since 2009, two government agencies announced in a joint press conference Wednesday.

In some good cops under fire news, Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill say local police who do not enforce gun control measures likely to pass in Virginia should face prosecution and even threats of the National Guard.


I answer your questions on free cities, defensive voting, omelets, Star Wars characters, and LP Presidential nominations.

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