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Stop asking for permission from our rulers and just take action. This week we talk about a 12-year-old boy who did just that. What's in the News with stories on bad boys times two, gun magazines in Cali, DEA spying, US kills more civilians, and armed citizen success. And, an Ask Me Anything where I answer your questions on my current job situation, scamming gun buybacks, animal-hybrid rights, collapsitarianism, and greenhouses.

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One thing I strongly believe is civil disobedience. It is an age-old practice of telling our rulers to fuck off without violence. It has worked in many cases, just ask Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another thing I strongly believe in is to stop asking for permission. I don't go seeking areas where I need my rulers' permission to do things.

In that frame of mind, a twelve-year-old Michigan boy has done his bit of civil disobedience and has told the town of Muskegon Heights to f-off by not asking permission.


In bad boys news, a dad was arrested for breaking traffic laws while rushing his daughter to the hospital, and the nurses at the hospital bonded him out of jail.

In more bad boys news, an officer accused of giving a homeless man a feces sandwich wins an appeal.

In the state giveth and the state taketh away news, a federal judge tossed out California's ban on high-capacity firearms magazines, only to have it re-instated by the same judge a week later.

In response to a motion from the California Department of Justice, US District Court Judge Roger Benitez, who issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of California’s “high capacity” magazine ban, issued a stay of his own injunction.

In big brother news, the Drug Enforcement Administration secretly collected data in bulk about Americans’ purchases of money-counting machines — and took steps to hide the effort from defendants and courts — before quietly shuttering the program in 2013 amid the uproar over the disclosures by the National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, an inspector general report found.

In collateral damage news, an alleged Afghan Taliban insider attack in the Kunduz Province has led to a much larger incident in which US airstrikes tore through civilian homes nearby, killing at least 14 civilians, overwhelmingly women and children.

In the more you know news, an FBI report shows that armed citizens see a 94% success rate during active shooter incidents.


It's that time again! I'm going to answer your questions! I answer your questions on my current job situation, scamming gun buybacks, animal-hybrid rights, collapsitarianism, and greenhouses.

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