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Which is brighter, the present or the future of health care? The answer may surprise you. What's in the News with stories on students desk moved to the bathroom, Bill Weld on Trump, cannabis banking, US kill list lawsuit, no Constitutional rights for illegal immigrants, and pointed knives on the chopping block in the UK. Finally, and Ask Me Anything segment where I answer your questions on foreign languages and exchanges, moving outside of the US, chicken math, and a civil war over Trump. This episode is brought to you by Health Excellence Plus, a health share that has saved my family thousands of dollars, and can save you money too. Also, brought to you by ForkFest, the annual decentralized libertarian camping event that happens around PorcFest, with no tickets and no one in charge. Also, brought to you by all of my dozens of supporters. WHAT’S RUSTLING MY JIMMIES Several healthcare-related stories have come to my attention the last couple of weeks, and I haven't talked about healthcare in a while, so I thought I would go into these. WHAT'S IN THE NEWS In some personal news, I have some awesome news for all of my supporters who have already moved over to my support on my own site at There is a new discount available exclusively to you! In indoctrination centers news, an 11-year-old Bellingham, Washington boy with special needs is furious that his desk was moved to a bathroom. It wasn't a prank. In Weld Watch news, former Watergate prosecutor, former U.S. attorney, former Massachusetts governor, and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Bill Weld is accusing Trump not just of impeachable crimes but of treason. Which, Weld adds, is punishable by death. In cannabis news, our rulers in the US House of Representatives have smiled on us peasants and voted in favor of letting state-legal marijuana businesses have access to banks and other financial institutions. In unfit to exist news, a U.S. judge Tuesday dismissed an American journalist’s lawsuit challenging his alleged placement on a “kill list” by U.S. authorities in Syria, after the Trump administration invoked the “state secrets” privilege to withhold sensitive national security information. In I can't make this shit up news, the city of Southaven, Mississippi claims that the Constitution’s guarantees of life and liberty only apply to American citizens. In ban all the things news, a ban on the sale of pointed kitchen knives has been demanded by the Church of England as it says there is no reason for them in the modern world. ASK ME ANYTHING I answer your questions on foreign languages and exchanges, moving outside of the US, chicken math, and a civil war over Trump.

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