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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest Lisa Wimberger was struck by lightning at age 15 and lived. That lightning strike set in motion a grand mal seizure disorder that she lived with for the next two decades and ultimately influenced her life’s work with neuroplasticity.

The seizures became life threatening, but that condition inspired her to find ways to protect and rebuild her body and mind. She went on to explore neuroplasticity, a process that helped her to disrupt her seizures.

“There's a seizure halo from stress and maladaptive vagal tone and then there's a seizure. Well, there's a gap in space and time between those two things and it might be a fraction a second, but that is a response pattern that I've gotten really good at. Neuroplasticity says I can change those things. It doesn't tell me how exactly, but I'm going to figure it out. I had all of this meditation that I was not using for my well-being, and then all of the science, and I just backwards engineered.”

The most profound insight she learned was that the way she was meditating was actually harmful to her. “When you hear the word meditation, it's not one size fits all,” Lisa says. “There's all different kinds and you have to know what works for your body.”

Lisa founded the NeuroSculpting® Institute in Colorado, where she teaches people and organizations who suffer from stress disorders, including law enforcement teams. She created NeuroSculpting®, a 5-step meditation process that can help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to creating new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors.

“The benefits are you still get to hack into your nervous system, and you get to file down the sharp edges of any thought that might have triggered you into arousal at any point in time, or you can create brand new thoughts,” she says. “Neuroplasticity doesn't care if it's an experience you've never had or an experience you've had. It only cares that you're programming it with buy-in, and it's going to store that in your mind as a pattern.”

Lisa earned a master’s degree in Education, a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership, and certificates in medical neuroscience, visual perception, and the brain, and neurobiology. She’s written numerous books on neuroplasticity and stress management, including Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness and New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear.

She’s also co-creator of a digital app made up of interactive NeuroSculpting® modules that shift brain neuroplasticity and support well-being, called NeuroPraxis. This unique app helps people re-pattern trauma and nervous system suffering through guided meditation.

Listen today as we talk about Lisa’s discoveries in brain entrainment, stress management and meditation practices that do no harm.

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