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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, the focus is on inflammation and how it’s related to fasting, cancer and even Covid.

If you want to know how your immune system works, Dr. Miriam Merad most definitely is the expert to ask. So I did. She’s an internationally acclaimed physician scientist who’s doing groundbreaking research on how our immune system fights common and recurring infections.

Dr. Merad leads the Precision Immunology Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine (PrIISM) at Mount Sinai, New York. Her research lab recently found that fasting reduces inflammation and improves chronic inflammatory diseases without affecting the immune system’s response to acute infections.

However, our immune systems respond differently to stressors like fasting, diets and levels of activity.

“We are not all equal,” says Dr. Merad. “So, we have to really understand that it’s important to stratify people, and this stratification comes from teamwork with computational and quantitative immunologies and quantitative biologies. Some ethnic groups have different type of gene organization, that we can now identify, and sometimes it’s spontaneous mutation.”

We also get into Dr. Merad’s recent findings on COVID-19 (why some patients develop severe forms of the virus and some don’t) and her research on cancer immunology.

Her findings are fascinating, and she’s an engaging guest. Her research helps us better understand human immunology, a topic she’s always been captivated by.

“We, as a human species, are alive today because we were able to survive millions of years of exposure to threats,” Dr. Merad says. The only reason we were able to survive is because our immune system protected us. “It is our best doctor.“

I appreciate her holistic approach to her practice and her research, and I really think you’ll find something in here that inspires you.

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