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Welcome to part 2 (of 6) of our Bulletproof Radio Sexual Energy Series! We’re bringing you lots of new information about sexual health, wellness, research, devices, and performance. We’re combining that with special offers, discounts and all kinds of resources on the Dave Asprey blog. Be sure to scan the show notes below for details!

Did you know that 40% of men notice problems with their erections even before their 40th birthday? In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest, Dustin Wolff, talks about a new at-home device that can put an end to those problems.

Dustin, co-founder of Launch Medical, has been leading clinics that perform acoustic wave therapy (also called shockwave therapy) for years. This type of therapy helps men with penile performance issues. After treatments, which can include just a few times to several months, things work noticeably better than they did before. But not everyone who may need a boost is getting it.

“It's still one of those things that is cost-prohibitive or there's the shame and embarrassment factor that guys might not want to come into a clinic like this and get these treatments done, because they're just nervous,” Dustin says. “Even in today's day and age, they're too embarrassed or they're too ashamed to come in, even if they can afford it.”

So Launch Medical spent several years developing an FDA-compliant, patent-pending acoustic wave therapy device that men can use at home. This device, called the Rocket, is both convenient and affordable.

Men’s penile performance often declines because of micro-plaque build up in blood vessels, leading to eventual collapse and weakening. It’s a condition that happens to every man with age. Acoustic wave therapy clears the micro-plaque out of the blood vessels and creates microtrauma, which fosters the growth of new blood vessels.

The acoustic wave treatments can lead to firmer erections, shorter refractory time between sexual intercourse sessions, increasing the intensity of the orgasm and more.

At-home use of Phoenix takes about six to 12 treatments to experience results. And for those of you who may be tempted to speed up results with more use, there’s a built-in lockout feature so you can’t overuse it (and your cells and tissue get a chance to repair fully). After a full round of treatments, you use the device only when you need it.

Dustin wants to make sure the men he works with truly start feeling better. When men see more blood flow happening, with a size increase, he sees their confidence come back, performance anxiety go away, and psychologically they start feeling better.

“I say this for every guy,” Dustin says. “If you have a penis, there's no reason why you shouldn't try this, because as you know, there are no side effects and there's no downtime, and it can just make things that much better.”

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