When Mother Nature Says, ‘I’m Out,’ Geoengineering Hacks Will Fix Our Planet: Thomas Kostigen with Dave Asprey : 777


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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I talk with Thomas Kostigen about how there’s no returning to nature as we knew it. His current work focuses on climate disaster and emergency preparedness. And to write his newest book, “Hacking Planet Earth: How Geoengineering Can Help Us Reimagine the Future”, Thomas went to the frontlines of geoengineering projects that scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other visionaries around the world are developing to solve the problems associated with global warming.

“My book is based in rigorous science and all the methodologies that are in it are backed by serious scientists who have certain solutions,” Thomas said. “Geoengineering is controversial by its very nature, by certain segments, not only of the environmental movement but others.”

A New York Times bestselling author, award-winning National Geographic writer, activist and journalist, Thomas has reported from war zones to the world's wonders across five continents. He’s now looking at what space and the future may hold. A space umbrella? Laser lightning rod? Lotus tower? Ice Stupa? Ever heard of these? Well, they might be the next tools and technologies we use to fix our planet.

“We have to shift the conversation from what's far out there to what's reasonable, and what can we do in the here and the now,” he says. “We have to deal with what's in front of us today, but we also have to look at it as a learning mechanism for tomorrow.”

In “Hacking Planet Earth,” Thomas examines the furthest out-there and most forward-thinking fixes for our climate that go beyond carbon emission and waste mitigation.

“Fate cannot be left to chance any longer," he says. …" It is time to turn our collective attention toward supporting industry and encouraging the business community, scientists and technologists—innovators!—to step up and do what they do best: invent, pioneer, disrupt the same old ways of doing things.”

Our discussion dives into geoengineering and other technologies that could protect our planet. Thomas also talks about the importance of using today’s virtual modeling technology to inform those solutions, and their consequences. These futurist, world-changing ideas will save us, he says. On today’s show, we’ll learn why he thinks so.

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" efforts aren't enough anymore,” Thomas says. “These individual efforts are a necessary part of the fight against climate change, but it’s time to think bigger—much bigger.”

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