Listening To Lots of Spoken English Is Brain Training For When You Talk English Ep 295


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Adept English provides English language listening materials designed to help you train your brain to store important English language information in your long-term memory ready for when you talk English. ✔️Get The Full Article: ✔️Checkout The Last Article: ✔️Article Category: Talk English The key to getting your brain to take notice of a new language like English, which it will happily ignore if you let it. Is to listen over and over to native English speakers, speaking in everyday English. This tells your brain that actually, those strange sounds that are unfamiliar are actually important and your brain should start storing this new sound and information about that new sound. So today we get back to English listening basics. We're going to narrate a story about riding a white horse on sand at the beach. We want you to listen to this several times, without looking up words, just listen to the audio and then listen again. Your understanding should get a little better with each time you listen to the lesson. Once you think you are not improving with listening, pick out any problem words or phrases from the transcript, or the closed captions if you're using our [YouTube Channel](, and only then look them up. If you need to understand more about our teaching technique, then listen to this podcast which explains how to get the best out of our podcasts. Or sign up for our FREE 7 rules of Adept English video course here We provide over 250+ FREE English language conversation and video lessons to help you learn the English language. If you do not like this one then you can visit this page to choose from 100's of English lessons with lots of different topics . So why not learn English the easy and FREE way? We try to make ourselves as accessible to everyone who wants to learn to speak English fluently. You can find us on these popular social media sites: ✭ Facebook: ✭ Twitter: ✭ YouTube: We are also on these popular streaming services: ✪ Spotify: ✪ iTunes: ✪ Tunein: ✪ Stitcher: ✪ Podbean: If you like what we do please visit our website for lots more language learning help.

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