Podcast: What’s Worse – Renting a Car, or Hiring a Lawyer?


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I hate renting cars. The rates aren’t always what I’ve been told, they pressure me to buy insurance, they add-on fees for tolls, they want me to rent a GPS, and I have to sign their lengthy contract in eleven places. After all that they run a huge deposit on my credit card and then I get to worry about what will happen if I scrape the car up on dumpster while trying to park behind a restaurant. I can’t help but think it’s much like the way clients feel when they decide to hire a lawyer. They jump through hoops to get an appointment which sometimes doesn’t happen for a week or more. They tell their story only to be confronted by a long-winded explanation of the process, the work that needs to be done, the stages and phases of the case, and then they get hit with a multi-page, legalese-filled, fee agreement which they don’t really understand.

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