California's Grab Bag of Climate Risks


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In recent weeks, five million acres have burned across California, Oregon and Washington State -- killing dozens, displacing tens of thousands of people, and causing untold damage.

In California, over three million acres have burned since the start of the year. At the height of the current wildfire outbreak, western cities had the worst air pollution in the world for days.

It makes the solutions we talk about on this show -- renewables, grid resilience, microgrids, decarbonization -- that much more urgent.

This week, we’re replaying a conversation that we taped last fall, just after a different round of record fires. It’s Shayle talking with Kate Gordon, the director of the office of planning and research in California. She's also a senior advisor to Governor Newsom on climate.

Kate details the diverse range of climate risks that California faces -- and how it's impacting every decision the state makes.

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