Amanpour: Gretchen Whitmer, Bill Cassidy, Marietje Schaake and Kim Darroch


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After an extraordinary and sad day in American history, when hundreds of Trump supporters charged on the U.S. Capitol in an insurgency not seen in hundreds of years, many are asking how this happened? But not Gretchen Whitmer; the Michigan Governor is not surprised as only last year a very similar mob stormed the seat of power in Michigan in response to her covid strategy whilst others plotted to kill her. She joins Christiane to unpack all of this. Then some the striking on-the-ground reporting from ITV News’ Washington Correspondent Robert Moore as he follows the mob breaching the Capitol. For Republican perspective of someone who was in the building on the fateful day, Walter Isaacson speaks to Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. He talks what should be done about President Trump now. To discuss the global fallout of yesterday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, Christiane speaks with Kim Darroch, who served as the UK’s Ambassador to the United States during much of President Trump’s term, and former member of the European Parliament Marietje Schaake, who now specializes in cybersecurity at Stanford.

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