Amanpour: Nancy Mace, Jon Tester, Kara Swisher and Dr. Peter L. Salk


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Republican U.S. Representative Nancy Mace has been in Congress barely a week and in that time, she has seen the Capitol attacked and been personally threatened by angry Trump supporters. Despite all this she joins Christiane to explain why she’s against impeaching the President. Then New York Times Contributing Opinion Writer and "Sway" podcast host Kara Swisher discusses his ban from a whole host of social media sites and how social media companies get engagement through enragement and therefore riots should surprise no one. Walter Isaacson speaks to Democratic Senator from Montana about holding Trump to account beyond social media and those Republicans also responsible for inciting the insurrection. They dig into this as well as the defund the police movement, covid relief and his book, “Grounded: A Senator's Lessons on Winning Back Rural America”. And finally, Dr. Peter L. Salk was only 9 years old in 1953 when he got the polio vaccine – a vaccine invented by his father Jonas Salk. Now an infectious diseases expert himself, he speaks about the vaccine rollout then and now

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