Amanpour: Tom Malinowski, Heather McGhee and Dr. Eric Topol


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A journalist on the ground in Myanmar gives Christiane Amanpour the scene from the streets as thousands of protesters continue their resistance to the military coup. Then Congressman Tom Malinowski weighs in; he says the coup and struggle for democracy in Myanmar is going to be protracted but that it will be a no-win situation for the military. Turning to race and equality, policy expert Heather McGhee, author of the book "The Sum of Us," says diversity could be America's superpower, but discrimination leaves all impoverished. And in tentative good news, our Walter Isaacson speaks to Dr. Eric Topol, top medical researcher and professor, about the falling number of COVID cases and deaths in both the UK and U.S. and how vaccine rollout is going.

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