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Tim Power is a talented, passionate, resilient founder who has co-founded and created some of the world's largest education communities including the World Education Games, World Maths Day, Mathletics and ClickView. He is currently the cofounder and CEO of Inquisitive, the Sydney-based education startup on a mission to simplify access to quality lessons for teachers.

In this conversation with Ian, Tim talks about why he made the switch from being a lawyer to being an entrepreneur, the highlights of growing Mathletics, how he transformed the insights he collected observing teachers in classrooms into Inquisitive, and the progress Inquisitive has made since its founding in 2016. Tim also dives deeper into how Inquisitive improves learning outcomes and saves teachers valuable time, why building community has accelerated the growth of the company and Inquisitive's fundraising journey.

Quickfire Recommendations
-News Source: The Guardian and The Australian (Tim reckons the truth is somewhere in between)
-Favourite Tech CEO: Steve Jobs
-App: Spotify
-Productivity Tool: Slack
-TV Show: Game of Thrones
-Ted Talk Topic: Solving Big Problems in Education and Schools

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