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  • “Five” Minutes total
  • Cohost must ask one question and have answer provided within five minute span
  • Four topics each


  1. USMNT Hope
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Christian rock
  4. Freddy Adu and American Exceptionalism


  1. YouTube Hobbies
  2. Missed Opportunities from parents
  3. Mandalorian and Disney
  4. Alasdair MacIntyre, Philosophy, and Today

Amy Grant’s First Christmas Album is the Abbey Road of Christmas Albums

A Star Wars Lover’s critique of The Mandalorian:

Joe Lowery Video on USMNT and what they are doing with possession

Christian Rock Renaissance
Luke’s ‘What Year is It?’ playlist

American Prodigy: Freddy Adu
‎American Prodigy: Freddy Adu on Apple Podcastspodcasts.apple.com › podcast › american-prodigy-fred...

Amy Grant’s ‘A Christmas Album’
Amy Grant - A Christmas Album

Godwin’s Law

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