Episode 100: A Covid-19 Low-carb-micronutrient protocol to lower your risk of infection


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Now that the specific data on who is most vulnerable to the corona virus SARS COV-2 we can better apply what we know through low carb and with the use of strategic supplementation that may lower your risk factor even.
From the recent work in France on their use of Hydrocloroquine and Azithromyocin (a anti-malarial drug, and an anti-biotic) they have reduced the number of deaths due to the virus. These medications give insight into what else can be used and why they are effective. However since these are prescription medications, most people will not be able to take them. A few other supplements, in addition to what we know about the specific nature of the virus (ie how it attaches to our cells), may well be just the thing to ‘bridge the gap’ between knowing what we do for ourselves and others and just fearing the worst.
The appropriateness of low carb keto can not be overstated, and is verified to be effective for viral infections in general (too soon to have data on Covid-19 but helpful nonetheless).
Reducing your total risk to this virus is the objective of today podcast. Something you can do in addition to the required ‘social-distancing’, ‘home isolation’ and hand-washing for these coming weeks
To make sure we all get through this together.
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